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Easy AIR 7,5m²

The Easy Air chalet of 7.5 m² (2.9 x 2.25 m) is a fully foldable wooden cabin. By purchasing this chalet, you will obtain a sustainable wooden cabin that is easy to stack. These wooden cabins are simultaneously charming, cozy and open. Moreover, they are extremely practical.

Easy assembly

The ultimate advantage of the Easy chalet

  • Galvanized or powder-coated steel floor frame
  • Reinforced wooden side panels in the color of your choice
  • To be assembled by means of a click and slide system
  • Can be assembled in 4 minutes by 2 people

Transport and storage

  • 40ft HC container or 1 standard trailer = 24 EASY STANDARD chalets
  • 1 mega trailer = 28 EASY STANDARD chalets
  • Can be stacked infinitely high in storage area using a forklift
  • Can be moved with a forklift in an assembled state



  • Easy assembly due to an easy click system. The task can be completed within several minutes by two people.
  • Possibility of connecting the chalets to each other.
  • Certified and in accordance with the European standard EN 13782.
  • All-in-one service and an excellent after-sales service.
  • Sustainable transport: Our chalets are made of sustainable wood and can be stacked in a smart way.
  • Break-in protection: Each chalet can be locked.
  • Extra options: shelves, beds, heating, lighting.

Possible versions

  • Standard hatch at the front
  • Rear door
  • Side door (compatible on the left or right side)
  • Optional extra side hatch (compatible on the left or right side)
  • Optional extra rear hatch


Possible applications

  • Mobile bar
  • Wooden kiosk
  • Sales stand