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Easy MINI 5,0m²

If you're short on space, our durable wooden mini cabin of 5 m² is the ideal solution. They are not only very charming and cozy, but extremely practical. The chalet consists of wooden click panels that you can set up in a few minutes.

Looking for a larger model? If so, discover and purchase our Easy Standard

Easy assembly

The ultimate advantage of the Easy chalet

  • Galvanized or powder-coated steel floor frame
  • Reinforced wooden side panels in the color of your choice
  • To be assembled by means of a click and slide system
  • Can be assembled in 4 minutes by 2 people


Transport and storage

  • 40ft HC container or 1 standard trailer = 30 EASY STANDARD chalets
  • 1 mega trailer = 42 EASY STANDARD chalets
  • Can be stacked infinitely high in storage area using a forklift
  • Can be moved with a forklift in an assembled state



  • Easy assembly due to an easy click system. The task can be completed within several minutes by two people.
  • Possibility of connecting the chalets to each other.
  • Certified and in accordance with the European standard EN 13782.
  • All-in-one service and an excellent after-sales service.
  • Sustainable transport: Our chalets are made of sustainable wood and can be stacked in a smart way.
  • Break-in protection: Each chalet can be locked.
  • Extra options: shelves, beds, heating, lighting.
  • Also available with a flat roof.

Possible versions

  • Standard hatch at the front
  • Rear door
  • Side door (compatible on the left or right side)
  • Optional extra side hatch (compatible on the left or right side)
  • Optional extra rear hatch

 Possible applications

  • Christmas chalet
  • Wooden market stand
  • Mobile bar
  • Wooden kiosk
  • Sales stand