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Barn doors in front wall

When placing a front wall that can be opened or closed at the front, you immediately have a chalet that can be used in 2 possible ways.

Standard joiner set (side by side)

By linking 2 Easy chalets together, you immediately create more space to display your offer.

Frontwall ticket Booth 3 windows

These 6.5m² Easy chalets are ideal as a ticket booth and guarantee a smooth and safe sale. These chalets can also be securely locked.

This extra panel with 3 windows can be added to the frontwall. 

Additional air set

The open sides and the large hatch emphasize the spacious feeling. The chalets are fully mobile, so they can be used at any location.

Bespoke printed side panel

Printly directly on the wood

Decorated roof edge

As an extra option you can provide decorative roof edges at the front gable or back gable.

Standard wood colors

Our Wood Protector is an exterior wood finish that is available in traditional and bold colors. Each color can be mixed to create custom colors. Due to the unique formulation of Hybrid Wood Protector, it will not peel or flake.

Snowload reinforcement

Additional reinforcements to significantly increase snow load.
2 roof beams, 2 ridge plates, 1 font wall plate.
All pieces are galvanized