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In no time at all you can set up a whole village, market or campsite thanks to the chalets' simple click system. Their fast construction time is a great added value for your event or occasion! In addition, they are very durable, because they have a long life span, and they are easy to transport and store.

Uses: market stall, Christmas house, sales stand, mobile bar, festival accommodation, reception chalet, ... and much more!


  • Hatch opens with hydraulic pumps
  • Door handle with lock
  • Outer roof: PVC
  • Painted inside and out
  • Industrial PVC floor
  • Electricity with 2 connections and 1 main switch
  • Painted metal base frame
  • Galvanised levelling feet
  • Galvanised components (hinges, screws, etc.)
  • No tools required for assembly
  • After folding, 10 can be stacked
  • The chalet can be transported with a forklift truck

Possible models

This chalet is available in two sizes: 

  • Model 1: 3m x 2,30m
  • Model 2: 4m x 2,30m

Sustainable transport and storage

  • 1 standard trailer = 24 BUDGET chalets (model 1)
  • 1 standard trailer = 18 BUDGET chalets (model 2)
  • Stackable up to 10 chalets, with forklift thanks to smart design
  • Can be moved with a forklift when fully assembled

These chalets do not fit in a 40ft container.