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Cabin Construct started in 2004 as the subsidiary of All Events bv*. We specialises in selling custom-made, quality wooden structures, chalets and shelters abroad. We do this under the motto "Wooden cabins built to pop!". We were the first company in Belgium to deliver custom-made wooden structures of this size. Meanwhile, we have more than 15 years of experience in the wood construction industry and more than 10 international partners.

Our greatest strength is that we make each construction completely to measure. Our products are modular and complementary to each other so that virtually any concept can be realised.

*All Events bv is a Belgian manufacturer of mobile wooden structures. 

Reliable and durable

We are one of the only companies in Belgium who's EN 13782 certified. This European standard imposes strict requirements on the construction and testing of our temporary chalets and larger structures.

To guarantee that our structures contribute to sustainable forest management, we purchase wood that carries both the PEFC and FSC labels. Wood exploited in this way does not deplete the earth further and provides a balance between the ecological, economic and social aspects of the forest.

Quality above anything else

Being a Belgian company to the bone, we understand different weather conditions like no other. This allows us to ensure robust constructions that can withstand varying weather conditions. Our constructions are also always equipped with a solid floor which makes them perfectly suitable all year round and at any location.

Why choose our structures?


No one has unlimited warehouse space. So to make the best use of every meter, we came up with a design that allows our structures to be completely dismantled into a small footprint, making storage very efficient.


Thanks to their flexible wall system, our structures can be reversed from winter to summer construction. By changing the walls, the same structure can be used for many different projects / events. 


These structures can be set up multiple times in the course of a year. The easy and smart design allows you to assemble and disassemble without jeopardizing the integrity of the material.

Innovation is key

Our core values of reliability and durability are still at the heart of every structure, but innovative developments are constantly taking place to ensure that our structures are the easiest and fastest to install on the market.

Our strengths

  • Our structures are easy and quick to assemble. 

  • Certified and compliant with European standard norms.

  • Efficient transport & storage

  • Sustainable design

  • Unique product for an event venue

  • Infinite possibilities thanks to the modularity of the structures