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Our references

Whether it is a Christmas fair, a wooden roofing, pop-up bar or extension of your showroom, office or catering business, more and more companies and organizations are opting for a stylish wooden cabin from Cabin Construct. We supply these wooden structures in all possible formats.

Our strengths? Our solutions are solid, easy to assemble, compact and affordable.

These organizations chose a wooden structure of Cabin Construct. Convinced?

Contact us for a quotation.

All Events (BE)

All Events was founded in 1999 and specializes in the rental of mobile chalets, canopies, tents and cabins. Besides cities and municipalities, their customers include festivals such as Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter and Graspop Metal Meeting. Also a lot of catering businesses come to All Events for the decoration of their winter, summer or pop-up bar.

Go to: www.all-events.be

De Schorre Provincial Recreation Domain (BE)

In June 2018, the Province of Antwerp and Provincial Recreation Domain De Schorre opened the new cycling experience point, with the cycling museum the Velodrome on the one hand and the cycling café the Musette on the other, in a WHITE almhut by Cabin Construct.

Synerglace (FR)

Synerglace is today the market leader in the rental of temporary ice rinks, mainly intended for public or private events.

The company manages to install during the winter period more than 200 ice rinks with accompanying chalets purchased from Cabin Construct.

Go to: www.synerglace.com

Kapitent (NL)

Kapitent is the specialist in the Netherlands in the rental of comfortable beds, high-quality group tents, Festihut XL, Festitable and EASY chalets. In addition, you can also rent related items such as bedding and inventory. Kapitent rents these products to individuals, companies and organizations, such as event and festival organizers.

Go to: www.kapitent.nl

All 4 Ice (ES, PT, MX, DZ)

Pioneers since 1992. They once built the first mobile ice rink in Europe. They have the first ecological natural ice rink in the world. So since 2020, they have been a loyal partner in purchasing mobile structures to place at their ice rinks.

Go to: www.all4ice.com

Chalet Events (UK)

Chalet Events rents out wooden chalets designed and manufactured by Cabin Construct. They can be placed virtually anywhere without additional anchoring, making them ideal for city centers or festival sites.

Go to: www.chaletevents.net

Histoire D'O (BE)

Pop up concepts @Histoire d'o

Quality foods and drinks au bord de mer
Cocktails • Tapas • Burgers • Salades • Pasta’s

Albert 1 Promenade – Zeedijk 53
Oostende, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium